Flexible Benefit Group, Inc. (FBG), a McKinney, Texas based TPA, specializes in designing and providing administrative services to employers who sponsor Cafeteria, HRA, HSA and MERP plans for their employees. The services provided include assisting the employer in selecting permitted benefits for the plan, assuring proper preparation and set up of the plan documents, tracking plan operations to ensure compliance with IRS plan rules in ongoing operations, reviewing claims (for flexible spending accounts/HRA/HSA/MERP), tracking account values for all benefits, preparing the required discrimination reporting, providing regular reports of plan status to both employer and employees, and providing the information for the form 5500 at year end, if required.

Effective July 1, 2013, FBG has merged with Corporate Coverage.

FBG will continue to design, implement and consult on 125/HRA/HSA/MERP plans. Corporate Coverage will administer all of the plans designed by FBG.